I am VERRRRY please we this company timely manner, quickness and the effectiveness of the information provided back was awesome. It was a relief to know the issues of home first hand and plus to know how to go about fixing them without looking for second option. My tech Mr. JACKSON was no rookie and know exactly what he was doing and saying, he was definitely an expert!

Erica Renee

Jermaine was very professional and did a great job. He explained everything thoroughly and was polite and respectful throughout his entire visit. I'll definitely be using him again!

Amber Rhodes

Jermaine is awesome. He was very professional and thorough. He enjoys his job and has no problem answering any questions you may have.

Tyisha Burroughs

Great guy! He was on time and gave a very detailed report. Would definitely recommend to anyone buying or selling a home.

Brandon Burts

The results of my home inspection were done with precision. I feel I know everything right and wrong with the house to help with my negotiations. Thank you for going thru this home with a "fine tooth comb." I would recommend this company to my friends and family in the market to purchase a home.

Jennifer Williams

I referred Jermaine to a client of mine in Atlanta. They let me know that Jermaine did an exceptional job and charged a reasonable price! Even does radon test for harmful-deadly substance.

Jay Hendrix

Jermaine is so professional and thorough I ever inspection he has done for me . I highly recommend him to any realtor in Georgia !!

An'gela Russell

Great experience. He was on time and very professional. Will definitely use again.

Maario Coleman

Great service and very professional!

Carlos McCants