Don't Insure an Older Home Without Getting the Facts

Ask about our insurance inspection services in Atlanta, GA

Before you insure a home 25 years or older, you'll want to get it inspected. Let the team at Get It Done Home Inspections take care of your needs.
We offer 4-point insurance inspection services in Atlanta, GA. Our team covers everything from HVAC to roof inspection services. Call 404-593-8853 to schedule insurance inspection services today.

What will we look for?

You can count on us to inspect the home from top to bottom. Our team will inspect the:

  • HVAC system to make sure that it's working properly
  • Roofing to check for wear and tear, like broken shingles
  • Plumbing to note the condition of pipes and fixtures
  • Electrical to look for broken lighting and frayed wiring

If there are any warning signs, we'll catch them. Reach now to learn more about our roof inspection services in Atlanta, GA.

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