Don't Forget the Plumbing Inspection

Get a complete property inspection in Atlanta, GA

Unless there's an obvious leak or visible water damage, most potential homebuyers will pass on a plumbing inspection. This can be incredibly costly in the long run, as leaks usually do quite a bit of damage before they start showing signs. Make sure your local home inspection in Atlanta, GA includes your home's plumbing.

Get It Done Home Inspections will check for leaks and signs of water damage in hidden areas. Protect your investment by setting up a comprehensive property inspection today.

Don't underestimate the devasting effects of water damage

Getting a local home inspection can help even long-term homeowners avoid costly problems. A single leak can…

  • Destroy drywall
  • Ruin flooring
  • Encourage mold growth

The repair expenses, loss in home value and health risks are too great to ignore. If you suspect a problem in your plumbing, or it’s been a while since your last property inspection, call 404-593-8853 right away.