Get the Inside Story on Your Home's Electrical System

Hire a reputable home inspector in Atlanta, GA

An electrical inspection does more than just determine whether a home's electrical system works. A home inspector will figure out how it works and whether the system is safe. Get It Done Home Inspections offers electrical inspections as part of our standard property inspection package.

Before you buy a home in Atlanta, Georgia, make sure you schedule a comprehensive property inspection. We'll explain the status of the home's electrical system and refer you to trusted electricians in the area.

When to schedule a property inspection

The homebuying process isn’t the only time you should think about getting an electrical inspection. Regular inspections are an important tool for homeowners. Make sure to check on your home’s electrical system…

  • If your home was built after 1980
  • Before adding a new appliance
  • During a major renovation

The National Fire Protection Association says that electrical fires are the biggest cause of property damage in the United States. Don’t become a statistic. Make sure your home’s wiring can keep up with your family’s energy usage. Talk to a local home inspector in Atlanta, GA today.