Are You Sharing Your Home With Hidden Killers?

Find out with air quality testing in Atlanta, GA

One of our most important, but often overlooked, home inspection services is air quality testing. We're all aware of the dangers of outdoor air pollution, but according to the EPA, the air quality inside your home is likely much more dangerous than outdoors. Get It Done Home Inspections provides air quality testing for homeowners in the Atlanta, GA area.

While we inspect your home, the test will gather data and then we will explain the results to you once it is complete on the same day. This way, we will get immediate results and gain a better understanding if further action needs to be taken. If you need your air quality tested, please give us a call at 404-593-8853 now.

What does air quality testing reveal?

The two primary dangers your home inspector will search for are:

  • Formaldehyde: This substance is found in many wood products, including furniture and some laminate flooring. Formaldehyde exposure can cause nausea, skin irritation and respiratory ailments. Long-term exposure may be linked to cancer.
  • Carbon monoxide: This deadly gas is impossible to detect by sight or scent. While it can cause death at high levels, low-level carbon monoxide poisoning can cause headaches, dizziness, confusion and shortness of breath. Because these symptoms are common and often mild, many families don’t realize they’re slowly being poisoned.

Protect your family from dangerous air quality with home inspection services from Get It Done Home Inspections. Call our Atlanta, GA office today to schedule your testing service.